For more than 70 years, Sloan Nursery & Christmas Trees has been offering business and homeowners in Sarnia healthy and hardy wholesale trees. Our family owned business is proud to plant and care for a diverse range of wholesale trees, ensuring you have a wide selection of available wholesale trees to complete your landscape.

Wholesale Tree Types

Our nursery carries a wide variety of wholesale trees, available to perfect your Sarnia property. Our selection of wholesale trees includes bare root trees that are light-weight and easy to handle, as well as larger and well-balanced shade trees. Our wholesale tree selection also includes tall and sturdy evergreen trees that remain green year-round.

Exceptional Wholesale Trees

With the persistent care and attention to detail we offer our wholesale trees, every step of the growing process ensures healthy wholesale trees are grown. Our fine selection of wholesale trees is cultivated using only the best fertilization and pruning methods, allowing you to choose from the best wholesale trees in the area.

Wholesale Trees Grown Close to Home

Wholesale trees that are grown in the area remain more tolerant and resistant to the conditions that can be found in the Sarnia area ensuring your wholesale trees have a longer and more successful life. Purchasing locally grown wholesale trees also means that you won’t bring in any exotic insects or diseases either.

Our tree farm resides on 750 acres of land, split into twelve wholesale tree farms, offering a large volume of available wholesale tree species. Visit our wholesale tree farm today to discover the perfect wholesale trees for your property.