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WB Evergreens- As of Feb. 27, 2024

SizeGradeLatin NameCommon NamePackageAvailable
175cmNo.1Abies balsameaBalsam FirWB4
125cmNo.1Picea glaucaWhite SpruceWB30
150cmNo.1Picea glaucaWhite SpruceWB25
175cmNo.1Picea glaucaWhite SpruceWB175
200cmNo.1Picea glaucaWhite SpruceWB200
250cmNo.1Picea glaucaWhite SpruceWB20
150cmNo.1Pinus strobusWhite PineWB70
175cmNo.1Pinus strobusWhite PineWB195
200cmNo.1Pinus strobusWhite PineWB200
300cmNo.1Pinus strobusWhite PineWB2
175cmNo.1Thuja occidentalisWhite CedarWB50
200cmNo.1Tsuga canadensisCanadian HemlockWB25
250cmNo.1Tsuga canadensisCanadian HemlockWB3