Since 1947, Sloan Nursery & Christmas Trees has been planting and pruning a large variety of wholesale trees for London residents. As a family owned business, we pride ourselves in our in-depth knowledge of wholesale trees, ensuring we carry a diverse range of healthy and hardy wholesale trees to be successfully planted on your property.

Wholesale Tree Selection

Complete your London landscape with our large selection of wholesale trees. From light-weight and easy to handle bare root trees, to healthy and well-balanced shade and evergreen trees, our large wholesale tree selection means you are sure to find the ideal wholesale trees for planting project.

Healthy Wholesale Trees

Our close attention to detail and modern growing methods ensures that our selection of wholesale trees are the sturdiest and healthiest trees available. We cultivate only the finest in wholesale tree specimens ensuring they are fertilized and pruned properly, giving you beautiful and lush wholesale trees.

Native Wholesale Trees

Choosing native and locally grown wholesale trees ensures that your trees are better able to withstand weather and conditions found in the London area, giving your trees a better chance for success. Also, purchasing wholesale trees grown close to home means you won’t be introducing any exotic insects or diseases to your property.

Our wholesale tree farm totals 750 acres of land, spread over 12 individual farms, meaning we have the space needed to grow a large variety of wholesale tree species. Visit our wholesale tree farm today to order your wholesale trees.