Since 1947, Sloan Nursery & Christmas Trees has been providing Chatham-Kent with healthy and diverse wholesale trees. We are proud to be a family owned business, ensuring our wholesale trees are the highest quality available, allowing your landscape to be transformed by our lush and green wholesale trees.

Types of Wholesale Trees

We offer a wide variety of wholesale trees to complete your Chatham-Kent property, including hardy bare root trees that are light-weight and easy to handle. Our wholesale selection of shade trees are also in high demand, often our first type of wholesale tree to sell out each season. We also offer sturdy and perfect looking evergreen trees to round out our wholesale selection.

High Quality Wholesale Trees

Our wholesale trees get persistent care and close attention during every step of the growing process. Cultivating the finest selection of wholesale trees is our priority, ensuring the wholesale trees you choose for your property remain healthy and long-lasting. We’ve developed and implemented modern growing methods to ensure we offer only the best wholesale trees.

Ontario Grown Wholesale Trees

Buying wholesale trees that are grown locally means your wholesale tree selections are more tolerant of Chatham-Kent weather and conditions, giving them a longer and healthier life. Local wholesale trees won’t have an opportunity to bring in any new or exotic insects or diseases from far away, keeping your existing landscape beautiful and pest-free.

Our tree farm consists of twelve farms offering a large volume of available species of wholesale trees. Navigate our wholesale tree farms, all located within a two-mile radius, to find the ideal whole trees.