From bare root and smaller trees, to larger shade and evergreen trees, Sloan Nursery & Christmas Trees is the top tree supplier for the London area. We have over 70 years experience as tree suppliers, providing a wide range of long lasting and durable trees to home and business owners in London, including our immensely popular Christmas trees.

Lush Bare Root & Small Trees

We are an expert tree supplier for customers in London who are searching for healthy bare root trees that provide successful planting. As an experienced tree supplier, we’ve perfected our root pruning and fertilization programs, ensuring our bare root trees are not only light-weight and easy to handle, but that they also begin growing quicker than contained root trees.

Large Shade Trees

You won’t find another tree supplier who provides better quantity or variety of healthy shade trees in the London area. To meet demand, we’ve increased our production of shade trees five-fold, in both available quantity and variety, meaning we are the top shade tree supplier around.

Lofty Evergreen Trees

We know that London customers are seeking a tree supplier that offers a more natural looking evergreen tree, which is why our evergreens are trimmed sparingly, keeping them close to their natural state, while encouraging lush growth and a younger and smaller trunk.

Finding the perfect tree for your London property means visiting a tree supplier with a large quantity of available trees. Our large tree farm, spread over 12 farms, holds 750 acres of healthy and diverse trees. Come navigate our tree farm to find your ideal trees.