Sloan Nursery & Christmas Trees has been offering a large variety of trees to residents in Windsor for over 70 years. Our family owned nursery serves the Windsor area, with a large inventory of high quality wholesale trees. Our tree nursery includes bare root and small trees, as well as larger shade and evergreen trees.

Lush Bare Root & Small Trees

At our tree nursery, we offer bare root trees, which are lightweight and very easy to handle. We keep our bare root trees healthy with our in-depth root prune and fertilization programs, meaning bare root trees from our nursery grow faster than trees with contained roots. Our Windsor customers know our bare root trees are the healthy choice.

Strong Shade Trees

Our in-demand shade trees are quick to sell out at our tree nursery as soon as they are made available, which is why we’ve decided to increase our production five-fold. Our tree nursery offers a wide variety of shade trees to complete your Windsor landscaping needs. At our tree nursery, we work hard to keep our shade trees straight with a well-balanced head.

Dense Evergreen Trees

The foundation of our tree nursery begins with evergreen trees. With our years of experience growing and trimming evergreen trees, we know the how to gently trim the evergreens in order to leave them as close to their natural state as possible. This ensures a strong root system, with smaller and younger looking trunks, giving your Windsor property the ideal evergreen.

Visiting our tree nursery is easy, as it consists of twelve farms spread over 750 acres of land, all within a two-mile radius. Our tree nursery offers large volumes of available tree species, as well as beautiful Christmas trees.