Sloan Nursery & Christmas Trees is a family owned nursery that has been in business for over 70 years, offering the Kitchener/Waterloo area high quality wholesale trees. Your Kitchener/Waterloo property will benefit from healthy trees from our tree nursery, including bare root and shade trees, to larger shade and evergreen trees.

Sturdy Bare Root & Small Trees

The in-depth root pruning and fertilization programs at our tree nursery means your bare root trees will have a stronger root system and grow faster. Choosing a healthy bare root tree from our tree nursery gives you a lightweight tree that is easy to handle and plant on your Kitchener/Waterloo property.

Stately Shade Trees

Our shade trees are always in high demand at our tree nursery, so to keep our selection varied and available, we’ve upped our shade tree production five-fold. You can browse the shade tree varieties at our tree nursery to find the ideal tree for your Kitchener/Waterloo landscape. We keep our shade trees healthy and well-balanced.

Year-Round Evergreen Trees

Evergreen trees are the foundation of our tree nursery, which is why we take pride in offering Kitchener/Waterloo residents healthy and natural looking evergreens. At our tree nursery, we keep our evergreen trees looking organic by giving them light trimming, giving you a larger tree with a slimmer trunk and a healthy root system.

Within our tree nursery resides twelve farms, including our Christmas Village, spread over 750 acres. Navigate our tree nursery to view the large quantity of tree species we offer to complete your landscape.