Providing a wide variety of trees for Toronto customers, Sloan Nursery & Christmas Trees is a family owned tree farm, with over 70 years working as tree growers. Our vast knowledge and experience as tree growers has allows us to tend to a wide selection of healthy wholesale trees, from smaller bare root trees, to larger shade and evergreen trees, allowing us to be the leading tree grower for Toronto.

Successful Bare Root & Small Trees

Our experience as tree growers has given us the knowledge to produce a wide variety of healthy bare root trees within our tree farm. We’ve cultivated bare root trees that are light-weight and provide faster growth for your Toronto landscape, as our expert tree growers have implemented an effective root pruning and fertilization system that ensures healthy roots and long tree life.

Straight Shade Trees

We are expert tree growers who are able to produce straight and well-balanced shade trees to complete your landscape. We’ve used our experienced as tree growers to be able to increase our shade tree production five-fold within our tree farm, in order to meet the demand, allowing you to find the quantity and variety you require.

Organic Evergreen Trees

In order to keep our evergreen trees as close to their natural state as possible, our tree growers have implemented an effective pruning program, which keeps trimming to a minimum and promotes a younger smaller trunk. Our tree growers are able to cultivate evergreen trees with a strong root system and lush branches.

We are the number one tree grower for Toronto, offering a wide variety of wholesale trees from our 750 acres of land. Navigate our tree farm, consisting of 12 individual farms, and locate the ideal trees for your landscape.