With over 70 years as experienced tree growers, Sloan Nursery & Christmas Trees is a family owned tree farm serving residents in Sarnia. We are expert tree growers, cultivating a wide range of healthy wholesale trees, including large shade and evergreen trees, to smaller bare root trees, even offering seasonal Christmas trees, making us your number one tree grower in the Sarnia area.

Light-Weight Bare Root & Small Trees

We offer a wide variety of bare root trees for you to choose from, expertly tended to by our tree growers to ensure long and healthy tree life. All of our bare root trees have undergone strict root pruning and fertilization programs, designed by our tree growers, which ensure our bare root trees are light-weight and easy to handle, and grow quicker on your Sarnia property than containerized root trees.

Well-Balanced Shade Trees

We are tree growers who are experts in producing well-balanced shade trees that are straight and sturdy. Our vast experience as trees growers has allowed us to increase the production of healthy shade trees five-fold to meet demand, ensuring we have the available quantity and variety that you require for your landscape.

Lush Evergreen Trees

Our Sarnia customers desire natural looking evergreen trees, which is why our tree growers make carefully planned cuts, keeping trimming to a minimum while cultivating a larger tree with a younger, smaller trunk. Our tree growers have perfected our evergreen trees, with a strong root system and perfectly proportioned branches.

We are the best tree grower in the Sarnia region, offering over 750 acres of land filled with a large selection of wholesale trees. Browse our tree farm, with twelve various farms spread over 2 miles, to find your perfect trees.