We have over 70 years working as tree growers, as Sloan Nursery & Christmas Trees is the number one tree grower in the London area. Our experience as tree growers has allowed us to produce healthy wholesale trees for a variety of landscape applications, including bare root trees, evergreen, and shade trees, making us the best tree growers in London and surrounding regions.

Versatile Bare Root & Small Trees

Our knowledge as expert tree growers has allowed us to produce a healthy selection of bare root trees who undergo advanced root pruning and fertilization programs to ensure healthy tree life and strong roots. Our tree growers have developed bare root trees that are easy to handle and offer faster growth than trees with containerized roots for your London property.

In-Demand Shade Trees

We are expert tree growers, able to produce shade trees that are straight and well-balanced to complete your landscape. We’ve been able to increase our shade tree demand five-fold, thanks to our experience as tree growers, ensuring you are able to find the variety of shade trees in the quantity you require.

Natural Evergreen Trees

In response to our London customers who prefer natural looking evergreen trees, our tree growers have developed a pruning schedule that promotes healthy growth and younger smaller trunks, while keeping trimming to a minimum. Our evergreen trees are able to have a well proportioned look, while promoting healthy roots.

As the top tree grower in the London area, our tree farm consists of over 750 acres of high quality wholesale trees. You are able to browse our tree farm, consisting of 12 individual farms over 2 miles, to discover your trees.