Sloan Nursery & Christmas Trees is a family owned tree farm that has over 70 years experience as trusted tree growers serving Kitchener/Waterloo. Our experience as tree growers has helped us tend to our large selection of healthy and long lasting wholesale trees, including large shade and evergreen trees, as well as bare root and smaller trees, ensuring we are your first choice tree grower.

Well Tended Bare Root & Small Trees

Thanks to our vast experience as tree growers, we provide a a large selection of robust bare root trees that promote healthy tree-life. We are expert tree growers, producing light weight bare root trees for your Kitchener/Waterloo property that grow quicker than containerized root trees, thanks to our in-depth root pruning and fertilization programs, which leads to successful planting and strong roots.

Popular Shade Trees

As tree growers, we know that shade trees are always in high demand, which is why we’ve increased our shade tree production five-fold, in both variety and quantity. Our experience as tree growers has also allowed us to produce straight shade trees that have a well-balanced head, ensuring a long and healthy life.

Larger Evergreen Trees

Because our customers in Kitchener/Waterloo prefer more natural looking evergreen trees, our tree growers ensure that they trim our trees sparingly, to keep them close to their natural state, with large branches and a younger, smaller trunk, making it easier for the root system to support your evergreen trees.

Visit the number one tree grower in Kitchener/Waterloo to find your perfect wholesale trees, as we offer 750 acres of trees to choose from. Find your ideal trees within our tree farm, consisting of 12 individual farms.