Growing a wide range of trees for Chatham-Kent and surrounding areas, Sloan Nursery & Christmas Trees is an experienced tree grower, serving Chatham-Kent for over 70 years. As a knowledgeable tree grower, we are able to produce high quality wholesale trees from smaller and bare root trees, to larger shade and evergreen trees, and even Christmas trees, ensuring we are the tree grower you need.

Fast Growing Bare Root & Small Trees

We have a large selection of bare root trees within our tree farm, carefully tended to by our expert tree growers, who implement healthy root pruning and fertilization programs. Our tree growers have crafted bare root trees that are easy to handle and offer faster growth than contained root trees. Complete your Chatham-Kent landscape with healthy bare root trees.

Lofty Shade Trees

Our shade trees are in high demand, which is why our tree growers are increasing production of healthy shade trees from our farm, in both quantity and variety, in order to ensure you find the perfect shade tree. Our tree growers have invested time and energy into producing well-balanced and straight shade trees.

Luscious Evergreen Trees

Our tree growers have developed an intelligent pruning system for our evergreen trees, trimming them sparingly so they remain natural looking, allowing for the growth of a larger tree with a younger smaller trunk. The pruning system implemented by our tree growers allows tree roots to have an easier time supporting your evergreen trees.

Visit the top tree grower in the Chatham-Kent area, as you are sure to find the ideal wholesale trees for your landscape. Visit our tree farm, consisting of twelve farms spread over 750 acres to find your perfect trees.