Sloan Nursery & Christmas Trees is a family owned nursery, offering a wide variety of trees to Windsor and surrounding areas. We have been serving the Windsor region for over 70 years, producing a wide variety of wholesale trees, from bare root and smaller trees, to larger shade trees and evergreens, along with our beautiful Christmas trees, our tree farm has it all.

Ornamental Small & Bare Root Trees for Windsor

Within our tree farm, you will find a number of bare root trees with fibrous roots, a result of fertilization programs and root pruning, as healthy tree life begins with strong roots. Bare root trees have a number of benefits, including being light-weight and easy to handle while planting on your Windsor property. Your bare root trees also grow quicker than contained root trees.

Healthy Shade Trees for Windsor

Our high quality shade trees are in high demand, which means the production of shade trees within our tree farm has increased five-fold. We have not only increased the quantity of our shade trees in our nursery, we have also increased the variety. Our investment in the production of our shade trees means you get a straight shade tree with a well-balanced head.

Long Lasting Evergreen Trees for Windsor

Our Windsor customers prefer trees with a natural look, which is why we sparingly trim our trees, allowing them to grow as close to their natural state as possible. We minimize our trimming, giving you larger evergreen trees with younger, smaller trunks. The roots on your trees also allow for better support, giving you that perfect Evergreen look.

Our tree farm spans 750 acres of land, with twelve individual farms, giving us lots of room for a large volume of available species. Located within a two-mile radius, our tree farm can be navigated within an hour.