As a family owned nursery, Sloan Nursery & Christmas Trees has been providing a wide variety of trees to Sarnia residents for over 7 decades. We offer a wide selection of quality wholesale trees, from larger shade and evergreen trees to bare root and smaller trees. Our large selection, paired with our festive Christmas trees, means our tree farm has what you need.

Decorative Bare Root & Small Trees for Sarnia

We know that healthy tree life begins with strong roots, which is why all the bare root trees found within our tree farm have fibrous roots, the result of careful root pruning and fertilization programs. Experience the benefits of bare root trees from our nursery on your Sarnia property as they are light-weight and easy to handle, while growing faster than trees with contained roots.

Well-Balanced Shade Trees for Sarnia

We have increased the production of shade trees within our tree farm five-fold, to meet the high demand for mature and healthy shade trees. We’ve invested time and energy into our wide variety of shade trees, and are committed to producing a straight shade-tree with a well-balanced head.

Healthy Evergreen Trees for Sarnia

We know our Sarnia customers prefer a natural looking evergreen, which is why we trim our trees sparingly, allowing them to grow large and as close to their natural state as possible, while still giving you a younger, smaller looking trunk. Our Evergreen tree roots are also better able to support any mass from up-above, giving you a picturesque Evergreen.

Our tree farm is comprised of twelve farms, with a total of 750 acres of land, giving us the space needed to handle our large volume of available species. You can navigate our tree farm within one hour,  as our tree farms are located within two miles.