Offering a large variety of wholesale trees to Kitchener/Waterloo, Sloan Nursery & Christmas Trees has been operating in the area for over 7 decades. Kitchener/Waterloo residents have access to a wide variety of quality trees from our nursery, from larger shade tress to smaller ornamental varieties and Christmas trees, our tree farm has what your home needs.

Easy Landscaping with Bare Root & Small Trees for Kitchener-Waterloo

Our tree farm has a number of bare root trees, showing fibrous roots that come as a result of root pruning and detailed fertilization programs. Enjoy the benefits of our bare root trees, as they are light-weight and easy to handle, as well as showing quicker growth than trees with contained roots. Let your Kitchener/Waterloo property benefit from bare root trees.

Mature Shade Trees for Kitchener-Waterloo

The production of shade trees from our tree farm has increased five-fold in order to meet the high demand for healthy shade trees. Our large inventory of shade trees includes a wide variety of trees that should be available shortly. Our nursery has put in the time and energy required to produce a straight shade tree with a well-balanced head and strong root system.

Vibrant Evergreen Trees for Kitchener-Waterloo

At our tree farm, we trim our trees sparingly as we know our Kitchener/Waterloo customers much prefer natural looking trees. By minimizing trimming, our trees grow as close to their natural state as possible, this gives you a larger tree with a younger and smaller looking trunk, as well as a healthy root system, resulting in a perfect looking Evergreen tree.

Our large volume of available tree species can be found within our tree farm, which consists of twelve farms spanning 750 acres of land. You can navigate our tree farm within the hour, as our tree farms can be found within a two-mile radius.